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Blue Diamond is my favorite character. I don't relate to her in as specific a way, I just relate to her being depressed. Also I love her design. Rebecca Sugar compared her to a ghost, which I think fits pretty well as I'd describe her as "haunting". She just feels like the most ethereal of the Diamonds. animephobegaming.

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A blue diamond is a real, natural diamond with a noticeable blue tone due to the presence of boron in the diamond's carbon structure.

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Blue Diamond is the second Diamond to change her mind. Steven convinces her that she was making Pink miserable. Blue begins to question why she must enforce White Diamond's rules if that results in so much sadness. It was easy for Steven to change Blue's mind because she was already heart-broken by her grief over losing Pink Diamond.

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Lisa Margaret Hannigan is an Irish singer, songwriter, and musician. She is the voice actress for Blue Diamond and Comby. She is also known for voicing Bronagh, the mother of the two main characters in the 2014 Irish film Song of the Sea. Hannigan was born in Dublin but grew up in County Meath, Ireland. She studied art history at Trinity College, Dublin. She left the school before finishing.

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The Quiet One: Unlike the Crystal Gems' Pearl or Yellow Diamond's Pearl, Blue Pearl doesn't speak at all during "The Answer".And after her debut, whenever she does speak, if at all, her voice is very soft.; Red Oni, Blue Oni: The.Blue Oni to Yellow Pearl's Red Oni. She's quiet, composed, and passive in stark contrast to Yellow Pearl's loud, sassy smugness.

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2,475 pages Explore Universe Media Misc Community in: A to Z, Characters, Homeworld Gems, and 5 more English Blue Diamond View source This article is about the character. You may be looking for the instrumental song. Click here to see more of Blue Diamond's quotes. Blue Diamond Nickname (s) Blue Your Highness (Greg) Characteristics Species Gem

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Blue Diamond is a major antagonist in the Steven Universe franchise. She is one of the Gem Matriarchs in Gem Homeworld and a member of the Great Diamond Authority ruling over Homeworld. Blue Diamond was apparently responsible for overseeing an attempted colonization of Earth, and later, the attempts to quell the Rebellion of the Crystal Gems. She is voiced by Lisa Hannigan. Blue Diamond has a.

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But for Me, It Was Tuesday: When Blue Diamond sees Sapphire and Ruby face to face, she doesn't even remember them as the Gems she was furious at centuries before, though this is understandable as the event in question was over five thousand years ago. She remembers who they are in "Reunited" once she sees Garnet.; The Chains of Commanding: If Yellow Diamond is telling the truth, Blue Diamond's.

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Blue Diamond's Chord: E, G#, B, D# Pink Diamond's Chord: E, G#, A, C# The thing most interesting to me about these chords are the shared notes between them, especially the root notes. White and Yellow share the same F# A# bass notes. That isn't to disregard the higher notes, though: Yellow and Blue share B and D#.

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