Best Men's Haircuts For Your Face Shape (2021 Guide)

Best Men's Haircuts For Your Face Shape (2021 Guide)

What looks good: "Round-shaped heads are great for voluminous hairstyles, yet require more angles to offset the round shape," says master barber Jason Biggs says. He recommends adding dimension with pompadour styles or long quiffs with a side part. Square the beard with this look to help maintain good symmetry.

20+ Diamond Shaped Face Mens Hairstyles Hairstyle Catalog

Check our Faux Hawk Guide to get the right style. This hairstyle fits men with a diamond shaped face. The side fringe makes the forehead looks wider and it minimizes the attention given to the shape of the face. The sides balance the forehead and the temple with the wide cheekbones.

Hairstyles For Diamond Face Men / Best Haircuts For Men With A Diamond

Triangle Face Shape See The Best Places To Buy Glasses Online Read Now If you have a Diamond face shape, the following description may sound familiar: Your face length is the largest measurement, followed by your cheekbones, forehead width and jawline. You likely have strong cheekbones with a long, tapering jawline.

Best Hairstyles For Diamond Face Shape Men in 2021 Diamond Face

Short, textured crops, side-swept fringes, undercuts, tapered haircuts, and short quiffs are all great options for men with diamond faces. Advice for styling includes avoiding flat or lengthy hairstyles, experimenting with various hair textures, establishing a side part, and the use of hair products to give volume.

22+ Mens Diamond Shaped Face Hairstyles Hairstyle Catalog

In this guide, we go over the top 14 best haircuts for diamond-face men. If you are a diamond-face male, then this guide is sure to have the perfect hairstyle for you. Skip to content Search AccountSearchCart Left Trimmers Toggle menu View All Products Beardscape Trimmers Nose & Ear Trimmer Accessories Beardscape Trimmer Bundle Deals Head Shaver

21+ Diamond Face Male Hairstyles Hairstyle Catalog

1. Sweeping Fringe Image Source: One of the most important things to consider when choosing a hairstyle for diamond-shaped faces is to create a balance between the width of the cheekbones and the forehead. One great option for men with a diamond face shape is a sweeping fringe.

20+ Best Hairstyle For Diamond Shaped Face Male Hairstyle Catalog

1. Long Bob with Deep Side Parting A long bob is all about femininity and elegance and looks great with either middle or side parting. However, if you have a diamond face shape with a narrow forehead, push hair to one side. Side-swept bangs will conceal the wider cheekbones and draw attention to the eyes. @hairhecker 2.

best hairstyles for diamond face shape men diamond hairstyle

15 Best Haircuts for Men with Diamond Face Shape (Hairstyle Guide) by Jay - Barber | Nov 30, 2023 Having a diamond face shape also means being able to get very interesting hairstyles. At least that's what everyone thinks. In reality, a diamond-shaped face is as demanding as any face shape type. You can't just simply go for any sort of hairstyle.

22+ Diamond Face Hairstyle Men Hairstyle Catalog

The best styles for this face shape tend to be those that add volume and height through the top to even this out. "Quiffs, side parts, and pompadours will all do the trick perfectly." says.

Best Men's Haircuts For Your Face Shape (2021 Illustrated Guide)

These are the best hairstyles for men with a diamond face shape. Check out the Hairstyle Directory here:

6 Haircuts For Men According To The Shape Of Your Face

10) Two-Tone Haircut. Two-Tone Haircut: The two-tone haircut is a great hairstyle for men who have diamond-shaped faces. If you want to disguise the wider, more pronounced forehead and cheeks, this haircut will do the trick. It frames the face with shorter layers on top that can be styled in messy spikes or slicked back into a short pompadour.

22+ Mens Diamond Shaped Face Hairstyles Hairstyle Catalog

However, the diamond shape is known by a strong, wide cheekbone line paired with narrower forehead and chin areas. Those blessed with a proportional, balanced face would recognize their shape as an oval, while thinner faces are commonly called oblong. Let's look at some haircut ideas suitable for each of the male face shapes and features. 1.

Best Haircuts for Men With a Diamond Shape Diamond face shape

01 of 40 Diamond: Textured Crop Vera Anderson / Contributor / Getty Images On a diamond-shaped face, the cheekbones are the widest part. That means the forehead measurement and jawline measurement are both smaller than the cheekbones. These faces tend to have high, defined cheekbones and more pointed chins.

The Best Haircuts For Diamond Shaped Faces Men In 2023 YOUHAIR.INFO

September 17, 2023 Hairstyles Are you a guy with a diamond face shape, struggling to find the right hairstyle that suits your face shape? You're at the right place. In this post, I've listed some best hairstyles for men with diamond face shapes, so that you can find a hairstyle that truly suits you. If you want to know:

28+ Mens Hairstyles Diamond Face Type Hairstyle Catalog

"The tell-tale features of a diamond-shaped face are a small pointed chin, wide cheekbones, and a hairline that peaks at the top center of a narrow forehead," says Amy Abramite, creative director at in Chicago. From face-framing layers to side-swept bangs and easygoing, tousled texture, there are plenty of styles and cut inspiration ahead.

Hairstyle For Diamond Face Male HAIR STYLE FOR PARTY

Diamond Face Shape A long face with wide cheekbones and a small jawline. Chin is pointy. Triangle Face Shape Triangle face shapes may have different kinds of chins, but they share the characteristics of having a wide, prominent jawline (as measured across the corners/hinges of the jaw).

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