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A Literature A Child Star's Reruns Emily groaned as she stretched in her bed. "No way am I drinking that much again" she muttered, her rasping voice making her throat hurt. Her head thumped with every pulse. Her mouth was dry as sand. And her stomach was churning all night. She frowned when she heard plastic crinkling as she stretched.

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6 u/SlightlySluttyGirl • 8 mo. ago Literally padded up all day 52 u/diiaperminnie • 8 mo. ago NSFW gooood morning 😴 58 Share [deleted] • 10 mo. ago I'm looking for a mommy or daddy I'm a horny little baby 132 Share [deleted] • 1 yr. ago Heyy there Curious what you're wearing today 👀 0 Share

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DIAPER CAPTIONS on Tumblr babybradley9576 reblogged babyblue-eyeangel thatsunnybunnydoe Follow God, diaper humiliation is such a rush though… "Just changed you x amount of time ago and you're already wet again?" "You're such a little baby, sitting in your wet diaper." "You don't have potty privileges.

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36 9 u/Princess_Bobbi • 11 hr. ago NSFW Join a diaper girl for coffee? Wet/Soaked Pics 73 u/mommie_girly • 4 hr. ago NSFW Baby is hungry!! 🍽️ Will you feed her? Wet/Soaked Pics 20 u/dl-Gr36 • 15 hr. ago NSFW Just a babydoll in her pretty little black dress. Wanna come pose and play with me? 22 u/Diaperqueensarah • 1 day ago NSFW

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Diaper Girl Captions. Hey Guys!! Enjoy these rare Diaper Captions! Share it with your friends and family. Dad's great, and mom is amazing, but whoever changes this is the best. My motto in life - as you will soon come to realize: is go big or go home.

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Our comprehensive list of unique and engaging captions will elevate your baby's precious memories and make them stand out in a sea of regular posts. Get ready to explore our expertly curated collection of diaper Instagram captions, designed to highlight the charm and mischief of your baby's diaper days.

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Sissies know: the best moments come in the cutest diapers. Diaper captions for baby girl. Little girl, big diapers, endless love. Diaper days and daisy dreams. Changing diapers and changing the world, one baby girl at a time. Pink bows and diaper woes. She's small but mighty, especially in her cute diapers.

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r/DiaperPics is an all-inclusive subreddit for **Adults**. ABDL pics of every gender, orientation, age (over 18) and country of origin. Diaperlovers, ageplayers, babyfurs, and un-potty trained diaper kinksters alike are all welcome here. Please credit where appropriate. Uncredited posts may be removed. Underaged users will be *lifetime* banned.

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Captions 110+ Diaper Girl Captions: Celebrating Childhood & Parenthood By Molly Famwat - May 20, 2023 2654 0 "Cuteness overload in 3, 2, 1…diaper change!" "Living that diaper life!" "Diapered and delightful!" "Our little stinker in the making." "Her highness, the diaper queen." "Diapers don't define me, they're just part of my style!"

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Page 1 of 124. 74.5k. Images. 21.1k. Comments. For all general purpose Omutsu / AB (DL) themed artwork. Albums can be created for large sets of related works (such as video game CG packs, or to compile your own original works in a single place).

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Explore the ABDL Captions collection - the favourite images chosen by Leavetheipad on DeviantArt.

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creating Abdl captions, stories, and recordings. 106 paid members; 492 posts; Become a member. Home. About. Choose your membership. Pay annually (Save 16%) Recommended. Support Tier. $2 / month. Join. After 6 years of diligent writing, I've decided I just want to write for fun! This tier is for those who'd like to get first access to stories.

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Diaper girl lovers. Join group. Christine Casey · July 28, 2023 · Private group • 4,369 Members. Adult Baby Nursery. All reactions: 7. Like. Comment. Share. Diaper girl fans /nikki created the group Diaper girl lovers. · July 14, 2020 · All reactions: 57. Like. Comment. Recent posts directory.

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Jennifer waddles with her huge stinky diaper and grabs the medicine. She opens it carefully for her beautiful Mommy and hands it to her. Mara is already on Mommy's lap, being so surprised that she did it without even thinking. "Oh thank you my beautiful girl, you make such a wonderful little waddly diaper baby!"

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Become a patron of Lifediapered today: Read 183 posts by Lifediapered and get access to exclusive content and experiences on the world's largest membership platform for artists and creators. I have a Patreon page, I have diaper changing videos, photos of my used diapers and my diaper pail and my outside trash, I also have.


$5 / month You will have access to exclusive regression captions found nowhere else! Discord access Recommended Regress me $10 / month Put me back in nappies! In this tier your money will be spent on nappies and I will be forced to wear them 24/7 for your amusement.

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