Inside the Sagrada Família The World's Most Remarkable Venue

Inside the Sagrada Família The World's Most Remarkable Venue

Sagrada Familia's interior has 36 "forest-like" columns and 5 naves. The main nave rises above the others connecting it to the transept. The choir is behind the transept, supported by the smallest columns. Right behind the choir is the altar, illuminated by the light from the stained glass windows.

Inside the Sagrada Família The World's Most Remarkable Venue

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La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, and it's magical architechture inside

The Sagrada Familia is one of Spain's most prized cultural sites, like the Alhambra in Granada or the El Prado Museum in Madrid. The Nativity Facade and the Crypt are also UNESCO World Heritage Sites. La Sagrada Familia the most unique Roman Catholic church you'll probably ever visit.


Read More Photos of the Sagrada Família. Discover the spectacular photo gallery of the Expiatory Temple of the Sagrada Família

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Join me on a tour in 4K of the world-famous Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain. Designed by the legendary architect Antoni Gaudi, the unfinished basilica is.

Sagrada Familia You've Never Seen a Church Like This Before

Sagrada Familia: Inside Barcelona's Most Beautiful Cathedral. The interior of Sagrada Familia is awe-inspiring and right away you will notice how much effort Gaudi put into creating the most beautiful church in Barcelona. Built to look like you are standing below a forest of trees, the vaulted ceiling and pillars are magnificent and make you.

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What's La Sagrada Familia Interior Like? ALL ABOUT LA SAGRADA FAMILIA INSIDE If there is one MUST-SEE place in town, that's definitely the Sagrada Familia church. Started in 1882 by the architect Francesc de Paula i Villar, Gaudi took over the project a year later and transformed it into his masterpiece, his passion and obsession.

Inside La Sagrada Familia

Published November 5, 2022 Updated November 7, 2022 Construction on the Barcelona basilica of La Sagrada Familia, the magnum opus of controversial Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí, began in 1882 and is slated for completion in 2026.

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What is inside of the Sagrada Familia? 1. Columns Have you ever found yourself wandering amidst the quiet of a forest, looking up at the towering trees, feeling both humbled and connected? Antoni Gaudí, the mastermind behind Sagrada Família, brought that very sentiment indoors.

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Inside Sagrada Familia Pope Benedict XVI consecrated Antoni Gaudi's masterpiece in 2010. After that, the church began international and special masses and allowed the tourists inside. Sagrada Familia Basilica was now more than just an architectural stop for tourists.

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The Interior of the Sagrada Familia: Exploring the Wonder The Sagrada Familia, an architectural wonder reflecting the creative genius of Antoni Gaudí, stands as an iconic landmark in Barcelona that continues to captivate the hearts of visitors worldwide.

Inside La Sagrada Familia // A Visitor's Guide to Gaudi's Masterpiece

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Sagrada Família is a Basilica in Barcelona Spain, a mind-blowing masterpiece by architect Antoni Gaudi. The stunning Sagrada Familia architecture and the enormity of the structure makes it the undisputed jewel of Barcelona. This unfinished masterpiece has been transforming the city's skyline for the last 135 years.

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That comfortably puts it in the top ten paid attractions in the world. Before assessing the value of an inside visit, let's first establish the Sagrada Familia base ticket prices: So there it is: a typical ticket sets you back €33.80, which puts it in ' well then show me what you've got ' territory.

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As if the ornate facade wasn't enough, the inside of Basílica de la Sagrada Familia is packed with history, symbolism, and one-of-a-kind Antoni Gaudí designs. This breathtaking Barcelona landmark—which is only at 70 percent completion and under construction until 2026—remains one of the best examples of modern art and design in the world.

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The Sagrada Familia, a marvel of Catalan architecture in Barcelona's sprawling skyline, is a testament to the inspired creativity and style of Antoni Gaudi. Gaudi's Creations in Barcelona Top Things To See Inside Sagrada Familia

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