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Last Updated: April 25, 2023 Whether you prefer metric, UK, or US standard knitting needle sizes, you can look up the equivalent knitting needle size in the conversion chart below. If you're looking for a printable version, click here to download the complete Knitting Needle Size Conversion Chart in PDF.

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Knitting Needle Size Chart This chart is a great starting point when you're trying to figure out what size knitting needles to use. It compares metric measurements with the standard US and UK numbering systems. source: Different Systems of Measurement

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What is My Knitting Needle Size? If you have knitting needles from all over the world or of unknown origins, your best bet for identifying their size is by using a knitting gauge. A knitting gauge is a small tool made of plastic, metal or wood. Like a slice of Swiss cheese, it has a bunch of variously sized holes all over it.

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1. Fingering / Superfine Weight Yarn 2. Sport / Fine Weight Yarn 3. DK / Light Weight Yarn 4. Worsted / Medium Weight Yarn 5. Bulky / Chunky Yarn 6. Super Bulky Yarn 7. Jumbo Yarn How to Choose the Right Size Knitting Needles for Beginners Straight Needles

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Here's what you need to know: For more great projects like this, subscribe to our free email newsletter! Knitting Needle Size Conversion When it comes to measuring the size of knitting needles, there are four main systems of measuring -- metric sizes, U.S. sizes, U.K. sizes (also used in Canada), and Japanese sizes.


Knitting Needle Sizes and Conversion Please use this knitting needle conversion chart as a guide. Actual sizes may vary by knitting needle manufacturer. Download Chart Browse Knitting Needles Need a quick reference to the different metrics in knitting needle sizes and what they convert to?

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1. Lace Weight Knitting needle sizes: 000-1 Some lace-weight projects are large shawls that require tiny needles. But knitting on straight needles can take a toll on your wrists, especially if the project becomes heavy. That's when needles like the Clover Takumi Bamboo 48in Circular Knitting Needles pictured above come in handy.

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Updated on 03/27/20 C. Gering / Getty Images Most knitting patterns specify what size knitting needles you will need. This makes sense because the designer wants you to be able to recreate the project successfully.

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T/X. 35.00 mm. 70. -. -. Knitting Needle conversion Chart for AU/NZ, US, and UK/Canada. As you can see from this chart's columns, both the metric and US knitting needle sizes run in ascending order. The UK knitting needle sizes run in descending order compared to metric and US sizes.

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Knitting Needle Size Charts Here you'll find the knitting needle size charts for US to UK conversions. The most common one of these that you'll find when knitting is the metric size, which is listed in millimeters. Anywhere you see a dash "-" in the table, that means that there simply is not a conversion for that particular size.

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When you purchase circular knitting needles the length will also be marked as well as the diameter. They can range anywhere from 9 inches which is for small circumferences like baby hats and knitting socks all the way up to 60 inches. The 60 inch circulars are great for bed-size blankets and lots and lots of stitches.

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Knitting Needle Sizes Explained When knitters talk about needle size, we mostly mean the diameter of the needle. But, to keep things interesting, the way needle diameters are classified differs across the world. This means that the exact same sized knitting needle might be called one thing in Japan and something different in the United States.

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Super chunky, super bulky knitting needle sizes and yarn can sometimes be a bit more complicated. You should also think about the nature of the project. Sometimes it's a good idea to use a bigger or a smaller needle, depending on the effect that you want to achieve.

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Knitting needle sizes chart for metric, US, and UK sizes. Needle Sizes Around the World. Knitting is popular worldwide, and knitting needle sizes can vary depending on where you are. Understanding the different knitting needle size systems used around the world is essential for knitters who explore patterns and sources from various countries.

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