2,000+ Reborn Baby Names Adorable Boy & Girl Name Ideas

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RELATED: Boy Names That Mean Rebirth AND Girl Names That Mean Rebirth. Phoenix This mighty mythological bird is a symbol of eternal life in many cultures. After bursting into flames, it's reborn from the ashes to start anew. Anastasia - Anastasia comes from the Greek word anastasis meaning "resurrection." It's fitting, then, that it's.

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Seiki. Seiki is a Japanese name that means "beginning" or "star.". Techiya. Techiya is a Hebrew name made unique by its "ch" sound. It expresses the sentiment of "rebirth" or "revival" in Hebrew . Wahuj. This Muslim name symbolizes a "new beginning" or "first light of the day.". Zera.

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Chava. Chava as a girl's name is of Hebrew origin, and means "life"and rebirth. Chava has 9 variant forms: Ava, Chabah, Chaya, Chayka, Eva, Eve, Hava, Haya and Kaija. It's a pretty name but you have to pronounce the "Ch" as a slight gutteral. In "Fiddler on the Roof," Chava was Tevya's middlet daughter.

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Several female names have meanings associated with rebirth or renewal. Here are a few examples: Renee: This French name means "reborn" or "born again." Anastasia: of Greek origin, it means "resurrection" or "to rise again." Paloma: This Spanish name means "dove," symbolizing peace and renewal. Rin: A Japanese name meaning "dignified" or "severe," but it can also.

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The name Renata, meaning 'reborn', is used widely across Europe symbolizes spiritual rebirth. It is most used in Chile, where it's the 34th most popular name of all time. Renata Adler, one of the stars among the literati, is a famous bearer of this name. It was also borne by a minor character in the "Twilight" series.


Nova: This name means "new" or "young.". It is associated with stars that suddenly increase in brightness, representing the idea of a new beginning or fresh start. Navin: This name means "new" or "novel.". It is associated with new beginnings and fresh starts. Genesis: This name means "beginning" or "origin.".

2,000+ Reborn Baby Names Adorable Boy & Girl Name Ideas

These names that mean reborn can be an ideal choice for the boy who brings immense love into your life and soothes your soul. Aileni - Reborn or regenerate (Welsh) Anastasius - Reborn (Greek) Antigonus - Like the ancestor (Greek) Antipater - Like the father (Greek) Atunbi - The reincarnated one (Yoruba)

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A name with Roman origins, Janus is the name of the Roman god of beginnings and gateways. Urien. A Welsh name which means "privileged birth". Neo. This name has a Latin origin and it means "new". Ordell. A name of English origin, this one means "beginning". Anatole. A french name meaning "sunrise".

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Rene- Of French origin and means reborn. Rohit- Another name meaning the sun's first rays. Sabik- This Arabic name means the one who comes first. Sachar- Of Hebrew origin and means dawn, it is a memorable name for your little one. Sura- Native American in origin and means new life. Tan- A hip three-letter name comes from Vietnam and means new.

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Renata - Latin for "reborn" and French for "born again." Roxanna - A variant of the Persian name "Roxanne" and it means "dawn." Sahar - Arabic for "just before dawn." Senara - The name of a Cornish saint that means "one who brings light." Usha - Hindu for "dawn." Wahuj - A Muslim name with Urdi origin that means "new beginning" or "first light.

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This cute gender-neutral name of French origin means 'reborn.' Raanan. The name of Hebrew origin means 'fresh.' Sabik. Sabik is a male name of Arabic origin, and it means 'one who comes in first. Sachar. This Hebrew origin name is adorable, and it means 'dawn.' Tan. This Three letter name of Vietnam origin means 'new.' Ojas

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Look for Names that Mean Rebirth, Reborn or Reincarnation. Here, we have selected 100+ names that mean Rebirth or Reborn along with origin. Rebirth refers to a new life after death in spiritual belief. According to the Bible, this concept is also referred to as "salvation," "regeneration," or being "born again."

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Names That Mean Reborn. By Nameberry. Updated Thu Nov 30 2023. Renee. Origin: French from Latin; Meaning: "reborn" Description: Chic in the fifties, now kept in the public eye mainly by actress Zellweger. Variations include Rene, Renae, and Renny. Renee Continued. Renata. Origin: Latin; Meaning:.

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Choosing names that mean reborn holds great significance as it represents new beginnings. These names are often associated with personal growth, transformation, and overcoming challenges. The symbolism behind names that mean reborn is rooted in the idea of starting afresh. They can serve as a reminder of the resilience and strength one.

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Gender neutral names that mean hope, rebirth, & dawn Kiran - Ray of light (Sanskrit). Phoenix - The Ancient Greek bird that dies and is perpetually reborn from its own ashes.

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Khnurn The name Khnurn is of Egyptian origin and means "Mythical reborn sun.".; Muriuki The name Muriuki is of African origin and means "One who is reborn or reincarnated.A Kikuyu name used in the East Africa region.". Renat The name Renat is of Polish origin and means "Polish form of the Italian Renato reborn, which is from the Late Latin Renatus, a direct derivative of the Latin renatus.

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