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"Van Wilder" is a 2002 comedy film that follows the misadventures of a college student who has been in school for seven years and has no intention of graduating. The film features a talented cast of actors who bring the hilarious and outrageous story to life.

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National Lampoon's Van Wilder (movie, 2002) Van Wilder. Van Wilder has been attending college for far too many years and is scared to graduate, but Van's father eventually realizes what is going on.. Similar TV Series. Cast. National Lampoon's Van Wilder (2002) - Full Cast & Crew. Actors and roles, crew of National Lampoon's Van Wilder.

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Taj rises to the challenge by establishing his own society, the Cock and Bulls, and whipping his misfit comrades into academic shape. Rating: R (Pervasive Crude Sexual Content|Language|Some Nudity.

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Cast Jonathan Bennett as Van Wilder Kristin Cavallari as Kaitlin Hayes Linden Ashby as Vance Wilder Sr. Kurt Fuller as Dean Charles Reardon Steve Talley as Lt. Dirk Arnold Nestor Aaron Absera as Farley Nick Nicotera as Corporal Benedict Jerry Shea as Yu Dum Fok Meredith Giangrande as Eve Irene Keng as Dongmei Brett Rice as Sergeant Hayes

National Lampoon's Van Wilder (2002) Posters — The Movie Database (TMDB)

"National Lampoon's Van Wilder," a pale shadow of " National Lampoon's Animal House ," tells the story of Van Wilder ( Ryan Reynolds ), who has been the Biggest Man on Campus for seven glorious undergraduate years.

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Overview Media Fandom Share National Lampoon's Van Wilder Collection Comedy , Romance User Score Overview Van Wilder (Ryan Reynolds) is an outgoing, friendly, and extremely popular student who has been at Coolidge College for seven years.

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Directed by Walt Becker Writing Credits Cast (in credits order) complete, awaiting verification Produced by Music by David Lawrence Cinematography by James R. Bagdonas. director of photography (as James Bagdonas) Editing by Dennis M. Hill Casting By Barbara Fiorentino Production Design by Rachel Kamerman Art Direction by William J. Durrell Jr.

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Movie Info He's the biggest man on campus. He's the boss with the sauce. He's the guy all the girls want and all the guys want to be. 'Cause in the collegiate jungle, there can be only one king.

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Cast 58 Ryan Reynolds Van Wilder Tara Reid Gwen Pearson Tim Matheson Vance Wilder Sr. Kal Penn Taj Mahal Badalandabad Teck Holmes Hutch Daniel Cosgrove Richard Bagg Emily Rutherfurd Jeannie Paul Gleason Professor McDoogle Erik Estrada Erik Estrada Curtis Armstrong Campus Cop Jason Winer Panos Patakos Chris Owen Suicidal Freshman Simon Helberg

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1 hr 32 mins Comedy R Watchlist Where to Watch Gross-out gags fuel this rollicking college comedy starring Ryan Reynolds. He makes the grade as party boy Van Wilder, a seven-year senior. When.

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18% 18+ Starring Ryan Reynolds, Tara Reid, Tim Matheson Director Walt Becker Trailers National Lampoon's Van Wilder: The Unrated Version Cast & Crew Ryan Reynolds Van Wilder Tara Reid Gwen Pearson Tim Matheson Vance Wilder, Sr. Kal Penn Taj Mahal Badalandabad Teck Holmes Hutch Bundles About Van Wilder COMEDY

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Top Cast View All Ryan Reynolds Van Wilder. Tara Reid Gwen Pearson. Tim Matheson Vance Wilder Sr. Kal Penn Taj Mahal Badalandabad. Teck Holmes Hutch. Even by teen gross-out movie standards Van Wilder makes "Sorority Boys" look like "Some Like It Hot." Read More By Claudia Puig FULL REVIEW. 25.

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National Lampoon's Van Wilder is a 2002 American comedy film directed by Walt Becker and written by Brent Goldberg and David T. Wagner. The film stars Ryan Reynolds as the title character alongside Tara Reid, Kal Penn, and Tim Matheson.

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3,112 144 Play trailer 2:31 3 Videos 99+ Photos Comedy Romance The most popular kid on campus meets a beautiful journalist who makes him realize that maybe he's afraid to graduate. Director Walt Becker Writers Brent Goldberg David Wagner Stars Ryan Reynolds Tara Reid Tim Matheson See production info at IMDbPro STREAMING +6 Add to Watchlist

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1h 37m IMDb RATING 4.8 /10 24K YOUR RATING Rate Play trailer 1:43 4 Videos 99+ Photos Comedy Romance Taj Mahal Badalandabad leaves Coolidge College behind for the halls of Camford University in England, where he looks to continue his education, and teach an uptight student how to make the most out of her academic career. Director Mort Nathan

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Cast & Crew Van Wilder: Party Liaison - Full Cast & Crew 2002 1 hr 32 mins Comedy R Watchlist Where to Watch A seven-year college senior hatches an enterprising plan to stay in school after.

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