17 staircase gallery wall ideas Artofit

20 Stairway Gallery Wall Ideas HomeMydesign

The key to a stunning staircase gallery wall along the stairs is to include mixed mediums and textures. Mix up paintings, photos, framed and unframed works, or whatever you can think of. The basic rules are the same: start with paper templates, double hang the artwork, and make sure to hang them at least 60'' from each stair. 5.

I had an absolute blast working on my gallery wall. The process is

Step ladder Level Measure Your Wall First, measure your wall. I grabbed my step ladder and a stepstool and headed to the stair landing. I measured the entire wall, from top to bottom, and wrote down those measurements. Then, I determined how much space I wanted the stairway gallery wall to cover.

20 Stairway Gallery Wall Ideas HomeMydesign

THis staircase gallery wall is incredible. This spiral staircase does a great job of adding interest through a gallery wall. It really takes you on a journey up the staircase. Some boho chic elements on display here. This wall decor is unapologetic. It demands attention that many other gallery wall ideas don't.

20 Stairway Gallery Wall Ideas HomeMydesign

Hammer Nails or self adhesive strips HERE ARE THE BASIC STEPS . . . 1. CHOOSE YOUR ART AND FRAMES Deciding on a theme from the start helps to streamline the whole process. Choose art that reflects your personal style and tastes.

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In this case you will need some ledges or a holder with hanging photos. a free form gallery wall with black frames and black and white artworks adds elegance and chic to the space and makes it artful a free form gallery wall with colored family photos is a fresh and cool idea to spruce up the space over the stairs

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Gallery walls are excellent staircase decorating ideas since you'll likely have a long stretch of space to work with, plus they're a great way to finally display all those family photos or vacation snapshots. If you're working on a new build or doing a full staircase remodel, you may want to include some shelving built into the walls for.

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Create a Gallery Wall in a Stairwell | HGTV Home Design Decorating Design 101 Create a Gallery Wall in a Stairwell Create the look of a cohesive, collected salon-style gallery wall along a stairwell with these easy steps. By: Brian Patrick Flynn Related To: Design 101 Frames Other Rooms Stairs Materials Needed:

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Adding a runner The first step was adding a runner. This was mostly done for safety reasons (and comfort) with the added bonus of warming up our home. When Margot was a baby, I slipped going up the stairs while holding her. She was fine but I got a quote for an almost identical style runner for over $3000.

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LOVE! You can see the old one sitting on the floor. I was torn between adding another board and batten wall to this side of the foyer, creating a gallery wall or simply adding two or three oversize pieces of artwork. I was trying my best to avoid doing a gallery wall because they're really hard for me.

17 staircase gallery wall ideas Artofit

What Should You Use to Hang Picture Frames? After: Staircase Gallery Wall Makeover Staircase Gallery Wall Transformation Pin it to Remember it: Posts on Simply2Moms may contain affiliate links which means we may earn a small commission on purchases at no extra cost to you. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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Staircase Gallery Wall Design Tips SIZING: Be mindful that unlike that large wall over your couch, a stairway wall will be viewed close up, so try to stick with small to medium sized pieces. PLACEMENT:

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01 of 30 Try an Eclectic Approach @northern_key_interiors / Instagram If you love an eclectic look, take advantage of every inch of wall space in your stairwell and hang up all sorts of items that speak to youโ€”they don't solely have to be framed prints, as this setup demonstrates. Continue to 2 of 30 below. 02 of 30 Hang Pennants or Flags

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a gallery wall from floor to ceiling that takes a staircase wall, a crystal chandelier and some greenery on the bench for a wow look a gorgeous entryway with a colorful gallery wall over the stairs, with not only artwork and photos but also hats, greenery and fans

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Decide if you want a symmetrical or eclectic layout. Choose a gallery wall theme. Pick your frame style and color. Decide on mat style, if desired. Create kraft paper templates. Play with layouts on the floor/table first and then move to templating directly on the wall until you are pleased with the design.

20 Stairway Gallery Wall Ideas HomeMydesign

Do this with all of your pictures. Lay the paper out flat (as best as you can) and place your frame or decor onto the paper. Trace around all sides with a pencil and cut out, following the pattern you've just created. Once you have cut out all of your templates, it's time to move to the location you want to create the gallery wall.

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34 Gallery walls, like hardwood floors or marble accents, are timeless and will never go out of style. But pulling a gallery wall of your own together might feel a little daunting at first. Art can be expensive, and curating personal items/photos can take a decent amount of time. But here at EHD we've got the gallery wall formula pretty dialed in.

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