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Carnevale is a skirmish wargame from TTCombat with a strong narrative focus and features dynamic acrobatic movement. It's set in the canals and alleyways of a dark fantasy Venice where factions of thieves, underwater creatures, plague doctors, vampires, the nobility, and religious enforcement battle it out.

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Unique miniatures games RUMBLESLAM, Carnevale, Dropfleet & Dropzone Commander & MDF wargaming scenery and terrain for Warhammer 40,000, Batman, Infinity & more. Tabletop Scenics City Streets Eastern Empires Fantasy Realms Industrial Hive Landscaping Accessories Sci-Fi Gothic Sci-Fi Utopia Sci-Fi X Streets of Venice Wild West World War

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Review Tuned Review 18 November 2023 15 October 2020 | Back to Venice Carnevale sees all the glitz and glamour of Venice, but with an exciting and unnatural twist - it's 1795, reality has been torn apart and most of Europe has sunk. Venice stands tall, but by night it gains a darker persona, literally and figuratively masking itself.

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Published: April 17, 2021 12:15 PM / By: Adam Potts Carnevale is a skirmish wargame from TTCombat with a strong narrative focus and features dynamic acrobatic movement.

Carnevale the narrative miniatures game by Vesperon Games โ€”Kickstarter

Has anyone played Carnevale? Good evening. Me and my partner found interest in a small scale skirmish game called Carnevale (by TTCombat) but we have our doubts about the depth and actual fun factor of a game. We have been struggling to find our footing in what we want to play as far as wargames are concerned and some much needed insight would.

Carnevale the narrative miniatures game by Vesperon Games โ€” Kickstarter

1 Carnevale 2-Player Starter Box contains: 16 unique resin miniatures - 8 members of the Guild including the enigmatic Capodecina and the harpoonthrowing Fishermen; 7 Rashaar led by the mysterious Magi-Rashaar, and backed up by beasts like the Lesser Ugdru and towering Raadru. There's even a gondola to paddle around the canals!

Miniature Insurrection Carnevale Game 2

24th March 2022 by Lewis Clarke New Rules: The Vatican Stalwart defenders and religious zealots? Sounds like the Vatican! Carnevale's first campaign book is almost here! With Blood on the Water we'll be releasing new miniatures for every faction, and also updating the rules too!

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An enormous crevice, similar to the rent in the sky, divided the Italian peninsula in two. From the south of the Veneto down to Rome, everything was destroyed. Thousands perished when Florence and Rome disappeared. Very few people survived the Holocaust. The Rent in the Sky began to pour a kind of luminescent mist.

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Published by TTCombat, Carnevale is a narrative skirmish miniatures game where each player takes control of a small handful of miniatures (usually around ten) representing one of the factions fighting for control of Venice. The unusual architecture of Venice is used to full effect, with canals and buildings playing an essential role.

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Not many humans survived this battle but those who did make their way to Venice this year. Containing lots of unique miniatures, everyone in the office and Carnevale community fell in love with The Angel of the Blooded Rose. Arguably the best Carnevale miniature of 2022, it seems everyone who plays the game has come across the character. GIFT IDEAS

Miniature Insurrection Carnevale Game 2

Discussion More About Discussion Carnevale The Miniatures Game Fan Page Join group About this group Carnevale The Miniature Game - A Fan Group for TTCombat's excellent miniatures game Carnevale. Carnevale is a skirmish miniature game, set in a twisted version of the city of Venice circa 1795. Group Rules -

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Carnevale turns your own cobbled-together slice of Venice into a character in its own right like few other miniatures games. Set along the canals and rooftops of a late 18th-century Venice, Carnevale depicts an alternate history where a gaping, eldritch wound has opened up in the sky, bathing Europe in strange magicks.

Miniature Insurrection Carnevale Game 2

Carnevale - The Narrative Miniature game What is Carnevale? Benvenuti a Venezia! Carnevale is a small scale skirmish game focused on freedom of movement combined with brutal combat and impressive magical abilities. Jump from rooftop to rooftop to hunt your opponent's gang, or dive deep into the canals to drown your enemies.

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Minis Pack. Discounted. Carnevale - The Miniature Game. Was $34.00 to $35.00. NOW $28.00 to $30.00. Add to Cart. Carnevale - Hand Rulebook. Out of Stock. Carnevale - The Narrative Miniatures Game.

Miniature Insurrection Carnevale Game 2

As a small scale skirmish miniatures game, you'll need around 10 models for a full gang, although there are many more to choose from! Each character brings something different to your gang, from the pummelling power of a Raadru to the nimble Pilferer, each character has a role to play.

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Today we talk about Carnevale, a miniatures game by UK games company TTCombat. We'll unbox the starter set, go over the contents and take a look at the setti.

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