“He missed me by 2 stitches” Isiah Thomas recalls getting elbowed by Karl Malone after Dream

Karl Malone and Isiah Thomas

Many would agree that the 1992 Dream Team was the most incredible set of basketball stars ever constructed and assembled. However, the controversy surrounding the snub of Detroit Pistons legend Isiah Thomas has received many speculations, which Karl Malone once cleared by making candid confessions before the 'Baby-Faced Assassin.'. Malone once swore to Thomas, "When you look back at something.

"Not the first time an Isaiah from Detroit is gushing blood after an elbow to the face" When

• Isiah Thomas once got very honest about why he thought the Utah Jazz never won a title • Thomas thinks Karl Malone's inability to shoot free throws cost the Jazz a title • Malone shot 74.2.

“Karl Malone elbowed every superstar in NBA history” When Isiah Thomas had to receive 40

Karl Malone collided with Isiah Thomas in a game on December 14, 1991. Thomas received 40 stitches and Malone was ejected, fined $10,000 and was suspended f.

Karl Malone speaks on the vicious hit he gave Isiah Thomas that required him to get 40 stitches

Malone and Thomas squash their beef stemming from Malone's hard elbow on Thomas. At the center of the Pistons during their "Bad Boy" era was Thomas, who was one of the most talented point guards the game has ever seen. Thomas was an All-Star in 12 of his 13 seasons, but his star status didn't prevent him from getting into it with his opponents.

Clip of Karl Malone and Isiah Thomas discussing the elbow incident Sports, Hip Hop & Piff

What happened between Isiah Thomas and Karl Malone? On Dec. 14, 1991, in Salt Lake City, at about the 7:30 mark of the first quarter of a game tied at 6-6, Thomas brought the ball up the court, drove around a screen from Bill Laimbeer and past his defender, Jazz point guard John Stockton. He then got past Jazz center Mark Eaton and elevated.

Isiah Thomas unfair saying Karl Malone cost Utah Jazz championship Karl malone

Vicious sledge-hammer elbow by Karl Malone on Isiah Thomas back in December of 1991. The hit caused Isiah to get 40 stitches near his eye.Ironically enough,.

Isiah Thomas opens up about a surprising phone call he received from Karl Malone "He almost

Isiah Thomas shares what happened when he got a surprising call from Karl Malone, who wanted to apologize for an incident that happened 30 years ago between the two legends

"Karl Malone missed me by 2stitches" Isiah Thomas hilariously recalls bl**dy incident with the

Malone Big Time Elbow on Isiah that required 40 stitches in hospital

Karl Malone gives Isiah Thomas 40 stitches YouTube

For example, when the Utah Jazz hosted the Detroit Pistons during in the 1991-92 season, Malone laid a vicious elbow into Isiah Thomas' head as the point guard was driving to the hoop.

Karl Malone delivers an elbow to Isiah Thomas YouTube

Karl Malone gave Isiah Thomas 40 stitiches after elbowing him in the face. The aforementioned 'tid-bit' wasn't exactly that when Karl Malone was on the floor as he made a reputation for himself as being a frequent 'elbower'. This was on full display in 1991 when he socked Isiah Thomas right in the face during a regular season game.

“He missed me by 2 stitches” Isiah Thomas recalls getting elbowed by Karl Malone after Dream

SALT LAKE CITY — It seems Isiah Thomas thinks Karl Malone should've used more elbow grease on free-throw shooting. In an interview with NBA TV's "Open Court," the former Detroit Pistons star blamed The Mailman for costing the Utah Jazz opportunities to win some championships.Thomas even called Malone the "weakest link" of those powerhouse Jazz squads.

Utah Jazz flashback That time Karl Malone pancaked Isiah Thomas

Isiah Thomas was referring to a particular instance when Karl Malone displayed his weakness at the free throw line. View the original article to see embedded media.. Karl Malone is one of those.

Isiah Thomas Revealed That Karl Malone Surprisingly Called Him And Almost Cried When Apologizing

Isiah Thomas, as the story goes, was extremely upset John Stockton was selected to the Dream Team over him prior to the 1991-92 season. So, when the Pistons and Jazz met in November of 1991, Thomas took over, torching Stockton for 44 points.. Karl Malone, though, rebutted during the Pistons-Jazz rematch the following month with an extremely.

Karl Malone Once Tried to Justify the Infamous Elbow That Bloodied Isiah Thomas 'We Can Spin It

Karl Malone may not regret his actions, but they still bother Isiah Thomas. During an interview with Terry Foster of the Detroit News in March 2014 (h/t Basketball Network), the former Pistons great said he viewed the incident as the "dirtiest play" he experienced in his basketball career. "I think it was the dirtiest play I have experienced in the game of basketball in my life.

Isiah Thomas vs Karl Malone Stats Comparison Career All Time Stats

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Karl MaloneIsiah Thomas beef Did the Utah Jazz legend apologize? Deseret News

27 years ago, Utah Jazz star Karl Malone leveled the Detroit Pistons' Isiah Thomas with what some have labeled one of the dirtiest shots in league history. When I arrived at my place of employment on Wednesday, I was thrilled to discover the kitchen was serving up a special batch of chicken and waffles.

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