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Explanation and demonstration of the XYZ-Wing Solving Technique in Sudoku. A thorough examination of the logic behind it, plus numerous examples. A very co.

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An XYZ-Wing is like an XY-Wingin that it is a group of three cells, one sharing a unitwith the other two. However, the first cell in an XYZ-Wing has three candidateswhile the other two, called the wings, have two. Each of the wings must share one candidate with the first cell, (that's part of sharing a unit) but of different values.

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XYZ-Wing Strategy This extends Y-Wings which have three bi-value cells to bi-tri-bi, in other words the hinge contains three candidates, not two. Fig. 20.1 It gets its name from the three numbers X, Y and Z that are required in the hinge. The outer cells in the formation will be XZ and YZ, Z being the common number.

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Tutorial # 42. the XYZ wing in a sudoku puzzle.Wow! Hard to spot. - YouTube © 2023 Google LLC #sudokuguy #sudoku sudokuguy.comA fun step by step video course on how to solve sudoku.

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The XYZ-Wing strategy requires there to be three candidates in the pivot square, instead of two like in Y-Wing. The pincers have one number in common with each other, and it is a number that appears in the pivot. Each pincer has one of the other numbers from the pivot. ( Play this Example)

Sudoku Mania XYZWing

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The XYZ-Wing can be replicated by an. Consider set r1c37. 2 cells, digits XYZ. Consider set r3c1. 1 cell, digits XZ. X is common restricted. It cannot appear in both sets at the same time. One of these sets will be locked for the remaining digits. r1c12 can in both sets. Since one of these sets will be locked with digit , we can eliminate digit.

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XYZ-Wing theory It gets its name from the three numbers X, Y and Z that are required in the hinge. The outer cells in the formation will be XZ and YZ, Z being the common number. Y-Wing Equivalent It is worth comparing the XYZ-Wing to the Y-Wing for a moment. Lets drop the Z candidate from the hinge. The diagram on the right is the result.

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XYZ-Wing The XYZ-Wing is an enhanced version of an XY-Wing: Now the pivot contains not only candidates X and Y but Z as well. Consequently Z can only be eliminated from cells that see not only the pincers, but the pivot as well. On the left: Pivot r7c2, pincers r2c2 and r7c1.

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The XY wing technique. First, we start by finding a column with a cell having only two candidates, called pivot. The candidates in the cell are called X and Y. In the example below, the pivot is cell R5-C5. Next, we look for two other cells that also have two candidates and belong to the same house as the pivot. These two cells are called pins.

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Sudoku Solving Techniques Consider the following partial Sudoku puzzle: XZ XYZ YZ The pink cell and the two yellow cells form a XYZ-Wing pattern. The pink cell has three candidate digits X, Y and Z. One of the yellow cells shares the same 3x3 block with the pink cell and has two candidate digits X and Z.

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Report Error XYZ-Wing Open in Lesson Mode My recommendation: Play the Campaign This article was made for the campaign, so it's best to simply learn it there. You will learn this and the other techniques in a sensible order and can immediately test your newly acquired knowledge on appropriate Sudokus. Required Knowledge Y-Wing Description

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Sudoku - XYZ-Wing Read the Sudoku help page for the rules, and the techniques potentially required to solve BrainBashers Sudoku. An XYZ-Wing is a very advanced technique which can eliminate certain candidates from squares and is a very similar technique to XY-Wing. We are looking for three squares.

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The Sudoku X-Wing strategy is one of the most recurrent techniques that can be applied to Sudoku puzzles from a medium difficulty level onwards. It is a very straightforward technique with an easily identifiable pattern. It focuses on one single digit and its goal is to restrict the number of cells that can have that number as a possible candidate.

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XYZ-Wing is very similar to Y-Wing with the exception of an extra candidate Z in the hinge cell. Let us phrase the setup in the same way as for Y-Wing. XYZ-Wing requires a hinge cell containing candidates X, Y and Z.The two non-hinge cells must have candidates XZ and YZ.Eliminations are fewer for this method , as the eliminated candidate Z, should see all three cells.

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WXYZ-Wings can be considered as a group of 4 cells and 4 digits, that has exactly one non-restricted common digit. We use that digit (Z) to eliminate since at least one of Z will be the solution. Non-Restricted Common Digit So what is a non-restricted common digit?

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