How To Restore A Vintage Concrete Laundry Sink Lazy Guy DIY

Our New Laundry Room Faucet for our Vintage Concrete Sink Beneath My

To create your very own utility sink surround just follow the tutorial below! Kitchen Bestsellers. Here is what you will need: 1″ x 4″ boards. 1″x 6″ board (only one for the front counter surround) Nail gun and nails. Kreg Jig. Anchors and screws (only if there are no studs where you need to put the cleats) Stain.

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And unlike most marble, granite, and engineered stone, which often has to be shipped from abroad, concrete is made of locally sourced material—gravel rock, sand, and cement—and thus has a smaller carbon footprint. What are the disadvantages of a concrete sink? Perfectionists need not apply.

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We found an old concrete sink on Craigslist and restored it to use in our new laundry room. We love it!Stay tuned to see how we plumb it.

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Have a giant concrete twin basin laundry sink the basement of your home? Don't smash it up and remove it, restore it and bring it back to life! Check out how we sanded, scrubbed and restored.

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Don't smash that vintage concrete laundry sink with a hammer! Bring it back to life like we did in our basement overhaul!

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CONCRETE BATHROOM SINK IDEAS. Concrete has become a popular choice for bathroom sinks both in homes, restaurants, theaters and more. You can opt for a concrete sink vanity or go with a vessel sink that sits atop the counter. Concrete Interiors in Martinez, CA. A floating concrete sink gives this bathroom a unique look.

How To Restore A Vintage Concrete Laundry Sink Lazy Guy DIY

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Step 1: Materials and Tools. Depending on the size of the sink you are creating, you'll likely need some of or all of the following materials. The sink I created is 21" x 48". I purchased many of the products I used in this build from Expressions LTD, and while some of the components were quite expensive, it is still a much cheaper alternative.

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We have an old cement utility sink in our basement in need of repair. We like the heft of this sink, so we would like to repair, rather than replace with the newer lightweight ones. The dual bowl sink itself is in great shape. The sink strainer assembly and drain pipe need to be replaced. The drain opening is about 2" diameter.

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TubPotion Coatings for concrete sink repair can provide a lasting beautiful solution to decades of use and erosion on cement laundry room sinks by refinishing. Cracks, erosion damage, pitted and just plain old beat up - not a problem. Let us repair your classic sturdy concrete sink.

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How to restore an old concrete laundry tub By Tim Carter October 6, 2015 at 7:30 a.m. EDT This concrete laundry tub has stood the test of time and can serve many future generations once.

How To Restore A Vintage Concrete Laundry Sink Lazy Guy DIY

When it comes to options for basin shape, style and size, nothing beats concrete. Trueform offers a number of popular ready-made sink basin molds ranging from 14" to over 120" long. Using ready-made molds is a quicker and more cost-effective approach when designing your custom sink. Download our concrete sink basin library below to learn more.

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With that my idea to salvage my sink was born. All I needed to do was find a drain that would cover both holes in my sink, something approximately 7″ x 7″ in size. Further searches led me to an Oatey Floor-Mounted Utility Sink with 3-Inch Socket, which I was able to order from Amazon. The opening measured 12″ x 12″ with a height of 9.25″.

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