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Mir Fontane. Song: "Michael Jackson" Featuring Shawn Smith. Lyrics: "I need a Benz and a mansion, I need diamonds on me dancin'/Diamonds black like Michael Jackson, diamonds white like Michael.

Lil Jon Grilled Over His New Catchphrase

Lil Jon, the Grammy Award-winning rapper, DJ, and producer, is popularly recognized for his signature raspy voice, his music, and his fashion style, but one thing that stands out in any photograph of him is his teeth. Lil Jon's teeth are not as perfect as you would expect of a celebrity, let alone someone with such remarkable successes in his.

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But it is what it is. He is missing his front incisors, premolars are misaligned, and a bunch of his teeth are visibly discolored. Misalignment and discoloration aside, the most prominent of Lil Jon's teeth problem is the missing front teeth. During a brawl, his front two teeth got knocked out. This affected his appearance and speech.

Why Lil Jon 'can't wait to head back to Sacramento' and rock with fans

Jonathan H. Smith [1] (born January 17, 1971), [2] better known by his stage name Lil Jon, is an American rapper, record producer and hype man. He was instrumental in the commercial breakthrough of the hip hop subgenre crunk in the early 2000s, and is often credited as a progenitor of the genre. [3]

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Terrance Terrance - There are lots of questions about how Lil Wayne could get diamonds on his natural teeth. Many people think they have to be dental implants or a grill. What Lil Wayne Has Said about His Teeth In a 2010 interview, Jimmy Kimmel brought up the subject.

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Everything that comes out of Lil Jon 's mouth turns to gold -- including his teeth -- which is why he's so fired up about his new one-word catchphrase that'll probably pay for a new diamond.

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Plein, meanwhile, moved to Atlanta, opened a new shop called Eddie's Famous Gold Teeth, and made increasingly flashy grills for OutKast, Goodie Mob, Lil Jon, and Ludacris. Then, in 1996, a.

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MTV2 $2 Bill Concert Series With Lil' Jon. ATLANTA - DECEMBER 1: Rapper Lil' John shows off his teeth to an MTV camera at The Tabernacle December 1, 2004 after the Lil' John & The East Side Boyz MTV2 $2 Bill Concert in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Mark Adams/Getty Images)

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Artists like Lil Jon and Paul Wall sport these shiny choppers along with their usual bling. However, these items also pose some risks to oral health. These health hazards include gingivitis and possible tooth decay. That said, it's amusing to see how they brave the risks to up their game. Have you ever wondered about which rappers sport the grill?

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He's made grills for everyone from Lil Jon to Ryan Lochte. Fittingly, he was featured on Nelly 's 2006 hit " Grillz ." Riff Raff's grill appears to be a full set, top and bottom, of filed-down.

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Getty Images If you haven't heard by now, Lil Jon, along with Skellism and Terror Bass, is coming to Club Impulse on Thursday, Nov. 16. Although it's the the Atlanta-born rapper's first time to Columbia, he is no stranger to college towns or rocking the house — if his past shows indicate anything.

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Celebrity Lil Jon is an American rapper, record producer, DJ, and actor. Lil Jon rose to prominence in the early 2000s as a pioneer of the crunk music genre, characterized by its energetic and rowdy style. Advertisement

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The controversy surrounding Lil Jon's decision to wear sunglasses increased after several photos of him surfaced. On Reddit, one user posted a side-by-side photo of the rapper wearing bifocals and a bow and tie. The person in the photo appeared to have strabismus, which is a medical term for misaligned or "cross" eyes.

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#LilJon #dagamespitter It's Time For Lil Jon To Pull His Bottom Teeth Out (Trolling Lil Jon JOKES).INSTAGRAM @da_game_Spitter CASH APP $Dagamespitter704

Lil Wayne Teeth, Dreads, Baby Mamas And Girlfriend

Lil Jon pushed DJing to the side as he ascended his crunk throne. And then one night, at an afterparty in the late 2000s, the rapper discovered DJ Spider, whom he credits for getting got him back.

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Tooth Art 19 Rappers Who Wear Gold Teeth Grills Tooth Art 19 Rappers Who Wear Gold Teeth Grills Grills are temporary covers that can be made out of materials like gold, silver, diamond, jewels or other metals that the wearer puts over his teeth.

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