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Rare Double Silver Laced Barnevelder Cockrell / Roosters Classifieds

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You can also find roosters in the silver laced variety, but none have been successfully bred to produce double lacing as you'd see in the hens. Size and Weight. Barnevelders are comparatively large-sized birds, with roosters reaching 7-8 lbs and hens growing to 6 lbs. The Barnevelder Chicken Breed Standard

Silver Double Laced Barnevelder Chicks For Sale Feather Lover Farms

Barnevelder Barnevelders are a medium heavy, dual-purpose birds that are very cold hardy. Their beautiful double-laced brown or silver and blue feathers are just another perk of this docile bird that takes to foraging easily. The Barnevelders are single combed with yellow legs. APPROX. 200 LARGE EGGS/YEAR EGG COLOR: BROWN MATURE WT: MALE 6.5 LBS.

Silver Double Laced Barnevelder

Silver Double Laced Barnevelders This early 18th century Dutch breed is perhaps best known for having one of the most striking plumage's of any bird in the world. The Barnevelder was developed in the town of Barneveld, Holland. An Asian breed, known as a Langash, was introduced into the local fowl to breed the Barnevelder.

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The Barnevelder chicken is available in various color varieties, including white, black, silver-laced, blue double-laced, blue splash, golden-laced, brown-laced, and silver-black double-laced. But the most recognized and widely known variety is the Double-Laced Barnevelder.

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The Barnevelder chicken is a Dutch breed that was developed in the early 20th century in the town of Barneveld in Holland.. Silver double laced, Dark Brown, White; Black, Autosexing barred, Splash, Blue laced, Double silver, double blue, Partridge, Isabel. Care Requirements for Barnevelder Chickens:

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The 19 things you must know first โ€” The Featherbrain Considering Barnevelder chickens? The 19 things you must know first Breeds Barnevelders are best known for their unique copper-tinged, dark brown eggs and their stunning good looks. But Barnevelders are also the ideal bird for the novice chicken keeper.

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Silver Double Laced Barnevelder $ 12.50 - $ 50.00 A mesmerizingly beautiful bird that is a good layer of brown to tinted pink eggs. In addition to their beauty, this is a very sweet breed. Lacy, one of our beauties is hands down one of our most loving girls.

Silver Double Laced Barnevelder Chicks For Sale Feather Lover Farms

The Barnevelder comes from Holland (Netherlands) and was first bred just before the turn of the 20th century. This chicken brought wealth to its keepers and the surrounding countryside as at the time they were one of only a few breeds that laid brown eggs.

Silver Double Laced Barnevelder Chicks For Sale Feather Lover Farms

Our line of Double Silver Laced Barnevelders are smaller framed birds with fantastic genetic robustness. These birds lay smooth tan eggs and have an exquisite tight lacing pattern set over glossy feathers.

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Description Chicks are sold straight run. Each chick has a 50/50 chance of being male or female. Quick Breed Stats Egg Color: cream Egg Bloom: sometimes the eggs can have a pink tint Egg Size: slightly larger than a bantam egg Egg Texture: smooth untextured

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The Silver Laced Barnevelder makes an excellent backyard chicken for all keepers from the beginner to the more seasoned poultry man. The silver lays 180 to 200 eggs that tend to be a few shades lighter than the ordinary type. Below: Silver laced Barnevelder day old chicks.

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#1 PNW keeper Chirping Mar 29, 2022 60 39 71 I recently got some day old chicks, some breeds unsexed. At 2 weeks, I know it's too early to definitively sex my Silver Double Laced Barnevelders, but want to know what to look for as they age. I've read some things about Barnevelders, but not certain that applies to my SDLB breed.

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The Barnevelder is a large bird, hens weigh around 5-6lb, and roosters weigh in around 7-8lb. Barnevelder Breed Standard It took a long time to standardize this breed; they finally accepted it to the Poultry Club of Great Britain in 1923. It is classified as a soft feathered, heavy breed.

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Silver Double Laced By far, the most common type of Barnevelder in the U.S. is the Double Laced variety. If you see a hatchery or breeder selling "Barnevelders," and they do not specify a variety, they are selling the Double Laced variety. Blue/Black/Splash and Blue Laced Barnevelder chicken hatcheries and breeders

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Greenfire Farms imported from Holland silver double laced Barnevelders, and these birds are in both large fowl and bantam form. There is considerable variation in quality in this variety of Barnevelder, and frequently we found specimens that had red-tinged feathers and blurred lacing.

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