Virginia Mist Granite MSI Granite Countertops

Virginia Mist Granite

Virginia Mist Granite have its surface of fine touch when sandblasted and leathered finished whatever it rainy day or wet, also its Hardness, Low water Absorption Rate, Stain Resistance keep it long life after construction. Black as tune, especially it looks more darker after waterjet (different water pressure ranges from 500kgs to 3000kgs.

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One Prospect Park Location Rapidan (VA)- 77,62 miles SE from Washington District Monthly production 250 m3 big dimension blocks

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Virginia Mist. GRANITE. Natural stones retain a timeless beauty. Highly sought-after materials from all over the world make rooms special and create a magnificent, stylish feel. A collection of marble, granite, onyx, travertine and limestone that elegantly furnish, with bright or delicate colours and harmonious shades.

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Virginia Mist Colonial Marble & Granite

Virginia Mist Granite is a black stone with small wave of lighter graining. It is mined in the USA and available in 20mm and 30mm thickness. The granite is a natural occurring stone that is ideal for kitchen worktops as its extremely hard to scratch, resistant to very high temperatures and once sealed, completely resistant to staining.

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Virginia Mist Granite is suitable for both interior and exterior use futhermore is frost resistant and with a constant polish. Products: Suitable for construction projects both commercial and domestic, prefabricated countertops/worktops, vanities, tiles, backsplashes, paving, fireplaces and memorials. Premium Quality Slab Sizes 2 & 3cm


Made in the USA, Virginia Mist is a soothing gray durable granite slab. This granite is recommended for both interior and exterior projects including landscaping, countertops and walls in areas with freezing climates. Check Inventory Dealer Locator Kitchen Visualizer SPECS APPLICATIONS Primary Color (s) Gray-Dark Other Industry Names (AKA) Jet Mist

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A midnight black granite with light gray veining throughout, Negresco inspires whimsy. Also known as Virginia Mist, this natural stone from Brazil is reminiscent of smoke floating up into the night sky. A dreamy yet practical choice for kitchens and bathrooms, Negresco makes a gorgeous granite countertop or vanity top.

Virginia Mist Granite MSI Granite Countertops

Virginia mist granite is a black granite base with white veins.Virginia granite is available in both slabs and tiles to allow for creative and coordinated installations. This durable granite is suitable for both interior and exterior projects and recommended for countertops, accent walls, backsplashes, cladding, floors, and other features.

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This beautiful Virginia Mist Granite is a solid deep black granite with white good veins, low variation durable granite, available in big slabs, mosaics, prefabricated countertops, vanity tops and a wide selection of cut to size tiles, 30x30cm, 30x60cm, 45x45cm, 60x60cm, 45x60cm etc…Shop our Virginia Mist Granite floor tiles for your kitchen, bathroom and other flooring applications since it.

Virginia Mist Granite MSI Granite Countertops

Virginia Mist Granite Gray is a neutral color that pairs beautifully with a vast array of hues, making it an ideal base to build upon in your kitchen. Our Virginia Mist is a soothing dark gray with swirls of black and tiny streaks of white.

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Virginia Mist. The Canadian variety of Granite, also known as Gray Mist Granite, is a relaxing gray-toned durable granite. This granite is ideal for both interior and external projects such as landscaping, countertops, and walls in locations where temperatures drop below 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

Virginia Mist Granite MSI Granite Countertops

Jet Mist Granite, also known as Virginia Mist, is quarried right here in the United States. This dimensional stone has a classic dark gray and black background with light gray and white wispy veining. Jet Mist granite is popular for countertops (kitchen and bathroom), wall applications and flooring because of its durability. Stone Type: Granite

Virginia Mist Granite

Virginia Mist Granite is a striking natural stone that originates from quarries located in the state of Virginia, United States. It is renowned for its dark, misty appearance, featuring a predominantly black background with subtle gray and white veining throughout.

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Description: Nero Mist Granite countertops are dark and dramatic. The black background is complemented with soft gray veins and flecks, creating a stunning combination. Available in a honed finish, this beautiful granite is perfect for interior and exterior design projects including bar tops, table tops, accent walls, islands, and many other.

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